The preschools have a Safety Plan to help protect your children. First Aid and CPR trainings are completed regularly for staff. A district wide response plan has been developed to deal with emergencies. It is very important that you keep preschool staff aware of emergency phone numbers in case you need to be notified. Drills are practiced weekly during the first month of school and thereafter on a monthly basis. These drills include fire, preventative/emergency lockdowns and evacuations. All outside doors are locked at all times. All visitors must check in and out via the school office, where they sign in and out and are issued a visitor’s badge.

Students will be informed of the appropriate action to take in an emergency. Drills for fire and other emergencies shall be conducted each school year in accordance with the requirements of New Mexico Statute. Each preschool will conduct at least one drill per week during the first month and a minimum of four additional drills during the remainder of the school year. These include preventative/emergency lockdown drills, evacuation drills and fire drills.