All children will receive a health screening within three months of the first day of school. This includes height, dental, vision, color vision, and hearing checks. You will be informed immediately if there are concerns noted. Feel free to contact the teacher or the office if you have questions or concerns.

It is unlawful for any student to be enrolled in school unless he or she has been immunized, as required under the rules of the Health and Social Services Department and can provide satisfactory evidence of such immunization. Immunization requirements may be obtained by visiting the New Mexico Immunization Program website at: or by calling the NM Vaccine & Flu Hotline at: 1-866-681-5872. Immunization requirement schedules are also available in each school health office. 

Medications will be administered at home whenever possible. The student receiving prescribed medication at school must have a “Permission Form for Administering Medications in the Schools” signed by a physician and parent/guardian. This authorization shall include name of student, name of medication, strength and prescribed dosage, route of administration, and time schedule for administration. Each authorization for administering medications shall be valid only for the current school year. In addition, the parent(s) must provide a telephone number by which the parent may be reached in the event of an adverse reaction to the drug. Non- prescription medications may not be administered without prior written parent or guardian consent. All medications shall be administered under the supervision of the school nurse who shall also prescribe the procedures and records to be utilized.  

A student with a fever should not be sent to school and should not return after an illness until he/she has been free of fever without medication for 24 hours. Contagious diseases should be reported to the school nurse or classroom teacher. Immediate first aid will be given by the school in cases of accident or sudden illness. Parents will be notified. 911 will be called in case of emergencies beyond training of preschool staff. Parents will also be notified. The administration of any drugs will not be done at school unless requested specifically, in writing from a physician, for a particular student.
It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school and keep a student at home if he/she exhibits any of the following: severe cough/cold, fever, respiratory symptoms accompanied by fever, sore throat, diarrhea/vomiting in 24 hours, red matted or draining eyes, skin eruptions/rash.
Emergency phone numbers are mandatory. We need at least two phone numbers for each student. We will always attempt to contact parents first.