School Info

Farmington Municipal School District offers two public preschool programs at two sites:
Farmington Preschool Academy East enrolls students ages three to five who have a documented educational need for special education services. These students have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) with goals that are written in the area(s) in which s/he qualifies. Peer students who model behavior and language also attend. They also have two NM PreK classrooms.
Farmington Preschool Academy West is a NM Public Education funded (NM PreK) site that serves Farmington students who are typically developing as well as including students with IEPs during their year immediately preceding kindergarten. Students must be four years old on or before August 31st of the current year and reside in Farmington Municipal School District.

FARMINGTON MUNICIPAL SCHOOLS— We will use a system of quality data-driven instruction to ensure a culture of high performance for all students and staff. FARMINGTON PRESCHOOLS— To provide children and their families a safe and nurturing learning environment that supports the whole child in developing the necessary skills to construct their own knowledge and be prepared for a successful transition to kindergarten. GOALS for the Preschools
A. Foster emergent literacy and math skills.
B. Support learning in each of the developmental areas.
C. Promote family and community involvement.
D. Encourage teamwork.
E. Celebrating diversity.

 For more details please see our handbook.