FPA East ATTENDANCE for students with IEPs and Peer Students
If your student has not attended for 10 days, s/he will be dropped from the program unless you call and let the staff know that s/he will be returning. Please make sure your student is on time for class as s/he may miss needed service time if s/he is consistently late.

FPA East and West Attendance for students in the NM PreK program
If your student is ill, please call the school so the teacher can be notified and the absence can be parent-verified. We understand when there are family events or emergencies that prevent your child coming to school. A phone call is considered parent verification of an absence.
If you have not called us after your child has been absent for three days, you may get a phone call from the teacher. At seven days, you will receive a call or letter from the office. We are happy to meet with you at school or make a home visit. The NM PED monitors our student attendance. If students miss ten consecutive days that are not parent verified, we are required to disenroll them.